A Nigerian University or Polytechnic student can derive  financial benefits through this site.

That takes me down memory lane as i remember many years ago when i was a university undergraduate in the University of Lagos. At that time, of course, there was nothing like mobile phones nor internet presence, not to talk of a business opportunity like Recharge Cards Online which derives from the present widespread mobile phones availability and internet presence.

With Recharge Cards Online, a Nigerian university/polytechnic student does not have to leave the confines of his/her campus at all to operate a thriving recharge cards business and to earn residual and leveraged income on a solid Nigerian-based online recharge cards venture whose products being high-demand real Nigerian products, assures steady income to the student/affiliate.

How does the student go about benefiting from this wonderful opportunity?

The possibilities are endless and only limited by the student’s imagination but i will quickly point out two in this article.

1. As an affiliate

If the student registers as an affiliate with this online Nigerian business opportunity, he stands to gain residual and leveraged income.

What exactly is residual income?

This is income you get to earn on a continuous basis from a one time effort. Recruiting a fellow student or indeed any one else to become a regular buyer/seller through this site, thus assures the referring student of a share from the income earned on every purchase/sale made by all his referred customers/affiliates, for ever.

What is leveraged income?

This is earning income through the efforts of others. That is, the affiliate, by recruiting others into the affiliate program, benefits from the purchases/sales of his referred affiliates, thereby leveraging on their efforts to earn income.

2. Indirectly as a Direct Trader

A student who is gifted in direct trading and who wants to earn income by making sales of recharge card pin nos. (EPINs) & Airtime Top-Up to his colleagues on campus, can sell through the account of a close personally referred affiliate (PRA) e.g. a brother or close friend, such that he the upline/referrer receives the commissions on the sales.

He collects full face value/amount for the airtime voucher from his customers, signs in to his  PRA’s account and buys the airtime vouchers PIN Nos. for onward delivery to his customers. His gain is the commission he will receive from our affiliate program.

He may choose to buy in bulk and in advance of his sales to his customers on campus, to smoothen the process.

A student with relatively more capital, can buy products(recharge card pins – EPINs and/or Airtime Top-Up) in bulk, earn higher margin/spread thereby than he can earn while retail trading, and gradually offload/sell the recharge card pins – EPINs and/or Airtime Top-Up, to his customers.

The student using whichever option, can thus be completely in the confines of his campus or indeed on his bed, while effecting every requirement of this online Nigerian business opportunity.

What are you waiting for, guys? Why not

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