COMPENSATION PLAN – Recharge Cards Online Affiliate Program

This NAIRA business opportunity operates a 1 x Infinity Compensation plan, with payouts for each member, as stated below.

That is, each affiliate EARNS on the purchases of his downline that reside ONLY in his first(1st) level – his direct referrals and not on the purchases of the referrals of his referrals (levels 2- 10) downline.

Each Affiliate’s direct referrals all occupy his 1st level and each affiliate can recruit such direct referrals, ad infinitum, to occupy the first(1st) level.

Each Affiliate earns commissions, One(1) level deep i.e. on the purchases of his first(1st) level/direct referrals. The exact commission payab1e is stated below.

Each affiliate is entitled to earn =N=1 per =N=100 (and pro-rata) i.e. 1%, on the purchases of his 1st level/direct referrals.

Compensation structure should not be confused with the organizational affiliate matrix structure/plan which is 10 x Infinity Unilevel Structure, as each member’s direct referrals (1st level) can equally replicate the recruitment actions possible by his sponsor, up to 10 levels deep.

Given that Recharge Cards Online is an integral part of Homebiz-Supermarket Programs, downline view shows each affiliate’s entire organization’s downlines i.e. including those from other Homebiz-Supermarket Programs and not only those from the Recharge Cards Online program.